Sunday, October 5, 2008

sALaM aiDiLFiTrI

to all my fellow friends, i would like to wish all of you SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. I apologize for the wrong things that i have done towards all of you. Hope you guys will forgive me. I forgive each of you who have make sin towards me especially those who always make joke towards me that i didn't like it at all or have hurt my feeling or what not ok. I also want to apologize to you guys if i do hurt your feeling before this. So how is your raya? Me? Wonderful. i enjoy my hari raya happily. But doesn't know why my duit raya is sikit you know. i only got RM100.00. Ayoyo. But i've alredy finished it on last saturday. On the 4th day of raya. what else sgopping, shooping, and shopping. Hahahahaha. I bought new dress and t-shirt for me. both are red in color. So, i hope you guys will spent your money smartly. Berjimat-jimat lah ek :). Before i end for today, again i would like to wish all of you SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI>

Monday, September 15, 2008


Two week left. Oh my goodness. I can't wait to wear my baju raya. Hehehehe. The same color as my beloved fiance. Can't wait to collect duit raya too. Friends and family are my victim in this misson. Lecturer too. My honey, ofcourse must give me duit raya. Love you b. well everybody was so excited as we will go back to our home town next week. 15 days left... still waiting for our big victory. Now we can look everywhere, people selling baju raya, kueh raya, kasut raya. everything is for raya. BUT puase penuh ke??? hehehe.Tommorow is public holiday.. I want to sleep for the rest of the day... Tonight gonna watch some movie. but before then i want to go to the terawih prayer first. Yeah. i was at here to invite all of my muslim friends to go for solat terawih. lets get KEBERKATAN together because we don't want to only get thirst and hungry from this ibadah berpuasa. so see ya next time as i log in again. MMMUUUAAAAHHHH!!! love all of you especially b.Yeah i've submitted my assignment about whats eating gilber grape. Interesting movie you know. Gonna told you someday about that story next time.

Monday, September 1, 2008


hye... Assalamualaikum....
We are now in Ramadhan month.for my muslim friends 'Happy Ramadhan'. hope you guys will be patient for this month. 28 days left... Alwyas remember, that in this fasting month it is not just to avoid from eating and drink during the day, we also need to control our behalf and be good you know.No gossip or bad talking about people.... the most important thing, don't be greedy when buy food for bukak puasa....waste is syaitan attitude.. In addition for this ramadhan, we should do more and more and more ibadah cause the pahala is berlipat kali ganda...In ramadhan also the hell door is closed. we should know the meaning of fasting itself. We should include other ibadah sunat like recite al-Quran and solat sunat terawih.The most time muslim waiting in this ramadhan month is malam Lailatul Qaddar. Hope you guys will do much more ibadah sunat in malam lailatul qaddar.But the most important thing is we need to be sincere. So I hope you guys will be very very patient. Lets count down to raya... aidilfitri... What a nice day for us huh? I've alredy buy 2 baju kurung for this aidilfitri. Can't wait any longer...:) Enjoy this month with patient and iman..
Assalamualaikum.... <3

Monday, July 28, 2008

what I learnd today is

First of all we learn about the advantages and disadvanteges using the computer.The advantages of using computer is its speed up the comunication within the human by e-mail. Computer also enable us to store many information by using the storage devices.On the other hand, computer also have its disadvantages, as we know when we used the computer too often then our sightedness will have some problem.We might then used glasses causes by the bad sightedness. Other disadvantages of computer is its harm the enviroment. As most of computer equipment is made from plastics, its actually needed about a thousand years to decompose it. Another things we learn is we know that the server can connect as many computer. all this computer attached to the server than to the printer.When we used one of this computer which connocted to the server and want to print our document, the computer then can print it with just a one printer.The other user also can print their document to by this printer because the computer is attached to one main server then to the printer.When we used the internet actually we need to be very careful.Well most of us have our own blog, friendster, my space and etc.When we post out the picture to share with friend make sure it is safe because a lot of bad things can happend. Be very carefull.

Monday, July 21, 2008

wHaT cOmPuTeR mEaNs FoR mE

Well, computer is important for me.Since now I am the univercity student, I need to use computer a lot. All of because my assignments. The lecturer are so demand.Hehhe :p they don't want their assignment given from us with our handwritnig.So thats was why I need to use computer more and more and more.I started to know better about the computer during my Computer Literacy class. Well I know many new things about computer. The components,the usage and other devices too.Well I don't actually know what is RAM or REM stand for. what i just know is both of it are the part to save our document. Now I know very clearly about computer.Before this I just used it to finish my folio and etc.This class has widen my knowledge about technologhy too. some part of the lecture class, my lecturer which is MR.IZAHAM will show us the devices and technology use before the modern technolgy has develop. Interesting.I saw one of the old computer. It is as huge as a room.Can you imagine that???My hope is I will get to know computer better after the lessons, so I will know how the computer actually operate.You should know too. Don't just simply use the computer.Well, see you soon in my next class...SAYONARA :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

sOmEtHiNg aBoUt tHis CoMeY LiTtLe GiRL

'PInK' can describe me better. I love pink so much. Pink is attractive, cute,soft,interesting,style and beutiful.Sometimes pink can be childish,weird and bad too. Well as a human being i also have a good things and a bad things.Everybody was not perfect right.I have a huge happy family. Six siblings and i am the fourth. I love my mum and dad so much.Their love towards me are so precious.Well, i'm in love with someone which i hope one day will be my husband. My husband-to-be name is Hazryl Syafiq b.Rozeli.Sometime, i hate him too much. But he is a caring and loving person. I don't care whatever people will said about us, cause now i know, he will be mine forever, for the rest of my life.I wanted to be a techer since i was young. So now, i have to struggle to become an english teacher someday. Who said to be a teacher is easy? It is not easy like everybody said. A doctor nor a lawyer even the enginer also come from a teacher right?I love teaching.And this is one of my dream.MUSIC is my life. But i still can live without music.Hahahaha...Because some of the other said they can't live witout the music? It redicolous. I listen to various type of music as long it is interesting to my ear and my soul???? Well mostly, i love all My Chemical Romance Song..They are so cool.I also listen to the r n b , classic, jazz, love song, hip hop, pop rock, punk rock and heavy metal too. Heavy metal wasn't too bad.Cradle of Filfth is one of the other band of heavy metal that i like.Weird huh? Well as i said at the first a i am weird person. Well i am the 'Kipas susah mati' of german. Go go GERMAN. But how sad, they lose in their final game EURO 2008. BUT who care? Movie is one of my favourite too. I watch also to various kind of movie. But i HATE all malaysian love movie stories.. every movie is just the same. Nothings new. I almost prefer hollywood movie,korean and japan.Well siamese was not bad too. Their horror film realy make me scared.Rather than Music and movie, i love reading, Ofcourse the english novel.Cecelia Ahern and sidney sheldon were my favourite author. Cecelia Ahern novels mostly a love story.Sidney sheldon love to write various type of story.I love both of their writing.Other else, i also interst in ANIME. I love to watch BLEACH.Its cool huh. The character in the anime make me fall in love with him. Ichigo was a handsome tall guy. He is brave, funny and never give up with his enemies.I thing that it about me. I love writing too. Perhaps i can write a lot in this blog. Wanted to know more about me just spend some of your minute to my blog.